SANDMAN: Map of Halaal

Sandman: Map of Halaal

Originally Published by Pacesetter Ltd in 1985:

The train whistle screams, and your passenger-car plunges into another tunnel. Six shots snap in the darkness. When sunlight floods the compartment once more, a man lies bleeding on the floor. He whispers a warning, then mysteriously fades away. Who was he? Why was he murdered? And, most importantly, who are you?


He knows your name.

You don't.

He knows where you are.

You don't.

He knows what you have done, and why you must die.

You don't.

To survive, you must journey through a tempestuous world in search of the answers to a question as tenuous as your own existence. You play the role of an amnesiac traveler, lost in a world beyond the natural. The rules are brief, preparation easy, and the story rich.

The SANDMAN is watching....Why don't you face him?


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