LL & AEC Digest-Sized to Pass the Time

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LL & AEC Digest-Sized to Pass the Time

Postby Omote » Mon Oct 17, 2016 4:03 pm

Though it has been mentioned several (many) times over the years, I think it's about time to resurrect the discussion.

In the time between Apes Victorious and the possibility of a combined LL+AEC book, how about some enterprising layout specialist take up the task of making both LL and AEC in their current forms and laying them out in a manner to make them digest sized? Looking at the recent Lulu books that are of the 150+ page variety, and both hardcover and formatted in digest size, these are some very nice books. I think Lulu, and other POD places have gotten to the point where such niche of niche products can be printed very well. It's also interesting to see that many of these older OSR games are now coming through with new layout versions of essentially the same game. This probably isn't a bad idea to keep the layout/presentation junkies (such as myself) happy while still keeping activity in the game line.

In the time between Apes Victorious and the possibility of a new printing of the LL+AEC book, it would be nice to see cool new LL/AEC books even if the content is the same and the only thing that is changed was the book size. IMO A new layout would be needed for this because simply shrinking the text as is didn't work out so well for the C&C game line. Sure, the digest sized books they put out were nice, but the text was generally too small to be of much use. It might also be a benefit to see a simple reprinting of the existing books in this different format only to stave off the "Is LL dead?" conversation that creeps up from time to time.

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