KEEP LL ALIVE II: LL Junior! (project file)

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KEEP LL ALIVE II: LL Junior! (project file)

Postby ArtemisEntreri » Tue Oct 04, 2016 8:44 pm


I'm workin' on lots of stuff for LL, I'm very excited and I want to share and seek some help. :) There's not a lot of movement here, but why not try to bring it up? :)

So, here it is: I wanted to create a 2 pages file for fathers / mothers / big brothers who want to train little adventurers to this great passion! It's an everyday issue and I really like the concept. ;)

What's in there? Easy! A very streamlined version of the game, with auto-leveling for 3 levels and a couple of numbers, nothing more! They don't even need sheets!

Hope you find it funny and useful and let me know how to improve this small project!!!!

Download the sample PDF here:!!!
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